All Your home improvement prayers will be answered

Serving our Community, Veterans and Seniors Citizens.

**Protect your home with our "Burglar Proof" Program 


 W‚Äče Honor Veterans! 

Veterans, Senior Citizens and "Saints" receive respectful discounts for their service and contributions to the community.  Call for a quote today!

Our Services for Residential Property 

Browse the many services below. If you do not see what your looking for..... just ask! 

Decks and Fences 

Repair and replace decks, porches, railings including sealing and/or re-staining. Construct wheel chair ramps (permanent or temporary) 

Painting and Staining 

Inside - including cathedral ceilings. Outside -houses or garages up to three stories.  

Discounts at local paint stores. 

Landscaping and Walkways 

Create beautiful landscaped grounds. Your design or mine!  We cut your lawn, trim your trees, and pull your weeds.  Pavers and stone patios - repair and replace.  

Burglar-proof your home!

We offer an amazing service to "burglar-proof" your home.  Professional and certified professional will review of your home's exterior & interior to assure your home is safe.  



Resealing Driveway 


Repair &/or Replace Doors and Windows