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Scott J. Lamontagne 

Our Story ​ 


Scott is a home town business owner. He is a life long resident of Prospect, CT.  Scott has managed big box home improvement stores, but his passion has been working directly with people. Scott's clients are from word of mouth and return customers. People find him fair and honest which is difficult to find these days.  References (happy and satisfied customers) upon request! 

    Scott is fully licensed and insured per Connecticut regulations.

Scott promises your home improvement "prayers" will be answered. 

Dad & Scott (age 4)

Bob, Scott's Dad,  worked most of his life as a carpenter, building houses and remodeling businesses so after work he would take Scott to side jobs. Scott may not have realized it at the time but he was learning a craft that one can only learn from a gifted, master carpenter. In 2016, Scott began working for a local home improvement company and realized his passion for the trade and why his dad loved the work so much. Tragically, on November 16, 2016 Scott’s mentor and best friend died suddenly from heart complications. His father, Bob Lamontagne was only 75 years old. After much thought and prayer, Scott decided to start a home improvement business in honor of his father. He thought the name “All Saints Home Improvement” was appropriate and meaningful. 

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